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UK National Rates

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Landline 3p/min Mobile 3p/min National Onnet calls 3p/min Incoming calls FREE
SMS 9p/sms National Onnet SMS 5p/sms International SMS 9p/sms Data 15p/mb

International Rates in toggle mobile countries (with local number)

Calling from

Calling to









Tariff not found
*Special tariffs for some estonia mobile number. Click here for details

Rates valid when you are in a toggle mobile country and you have a local number for that country.
To request a local number please go to "My toggle" and click "Register local number", then follow the instructions.

International Roaming rates in all countries including toggle mobile countries (without local number)

Calling from
Calling to

Making calls

Local calls

Receiving calls

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UK Rates for Non-Geographic/Premium Numbers ( calling from UK only)

Prefix Connection charge / call(£) Per min(£)
4470 0.99 0.79
44500 0 0
44800 0 0
44808 0 0
084 May vary 0.23
087 May vary 0.23
09 May vary 0.23
118 May vary 0.23
0800 N/A Free
0808 N/A Free
116 N/A Free

Please click here for the complete price list of Non-geographic / Premium numbers (Calling from UK only)


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